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Swift 3D PS 1.0

Swift 3D PS is a fun and easy-to-use Photoshop plug-in
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These layers remain fully editable by Swift 3D PS, even after Photoshop's array of layer styles and filters are applied. Swift 3D PS offers the same powerful capabilities of our standalone product, but works within the confines of the Photoshop environment.

Main features:

- Create, Bevel and Extrude 3D Text in Seconds
Creating 3D text could not be easier. Simply type your text string and select a font from your machine using our live preview. Swift 3D PS will even break apart your text characters or allow you to convert them into editable paths.
- Draw 2D extrusions or lathes with a bezier pen tool
Swift 3D PS's Extrusion and Lathe editors allow designers to work with familiar 2D drawing tools to create simple to complex 3D objects. This simplifies the learning process and reduces the time required to turn 2D design concepts into 3D reality
- Import Vector Artwork & Logos from Illustrator or Flash
Import 2D vector AI or EPS files into the Swift 3D PS plug-in. It imports the existing colors and automatically extrudes your shapes, speeding up the overall workflow. You can fine tune the depth, bevels, paths and more before placing your extrusion back into Photoshop as a 3D layer.
- Drag and Drop Bevel Gallery
Quickly bevel your text and extrusions by simply dragging-and-dropping your preferred bevel type onto your objects. Bevel depth and smoothness can then be manipulated in the properties panel.
- Open and Edit Photoshop 3D Layers, or Import 3D Models
All of the model formats that Photoshop supports can be opened and edited with Swift 3D PS. Just launch the plug-in from an existing 3D layer or import .DXF models directly into the plug-in.
- Enhance the Live 3D workflow with After Effects CS4
If you're an After Effects user, Swift 3D PS brings a ton of new power and possibilities to the Live 3D workflow between After Effects and Photoshop CS4 Extended.
- Simplify 3D scene creation with targeted cameras and in-viewport lighting placement
Targeted cameras and lighting eliminate the guesswork from the 3D workflow, keeping you from wasting time seting up scenes through trial and error.
- Advanced 3D Modeling Environment
In Swift 3D PS, your modeling possibilities are endless. With the advanced polygonal modeling environment you can create just about anything imaginable, or refine the objects, models and 3D layers you already have.
- 3D objects remain editable, even after filters are applied
One of the really nice things about using real 3D is that you can apply Photoshop's array of filters to your layer and still have access to the basic 3D layer. This means that changes to the 3D object or its positioning do not affect the hours you spent applying layer styles and filters for a finished look..
- Configure the Interface with Up to Four Viewports
With up to four different views at a time, visualizing your 3D scene is easier and modeling is a snap. You can even move between perspective and orthographic views in each viewport.
- Apply Smoothing & Rounding to Defined Surfaces
Looking to make an objects surface a little smoother or rounder? The advanced modeling environment provides you with tools to choose specific areas of an object to smooth or round.
- Drag and Drop 3D Model Gallery
Get a jump-start on your 3D scenes! Save any 3D object or entire models to the 3D Model Gallery. When you're ready to use a model from the Gallery, simply drag-and-drop it into your 3D scene.
- Lighting Gallery with Professional Lighting Schemes
Set the perfect mood for your scene by simply dragging one of the professionally designed lighting schemes into your scene, or store your own lighting schemes for future use.
- Extrusion & Lathe Galleries Speed Up Your Workflow
Save time in your 3D modeling and animation endeavors by using shapes from the Extrusion and Lathe galleries, or store your own commonly used 2D shapes, such as logos, in the gallery for future use.
- Drag and Drop Animation Gallery
Simply drag your desired spin, fly-by, deformation and path animation from the animation gallery onto your object and you are good to go. Also, store any animation you create in the Animation Gallery for future use.
- Animation Path Tools Produce Flawless Animations
You're in the drivers seat with Swift 3D PS's bezier path animation controls. Easily steer 3D objects, lights and cameras along the precise path you've defined in your scene. Animation doesn't get easier than this!

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